Voodoo Cookie Ornament

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Hand made in New Orleans by Bewitched Voodoo Dolls, these dolls are used for setting intentions and desires.  These Dolls are beautifully handcrafted and stitched together with love.  

These Dolls do not have a pin. They are scented with either Sugar Cookie or Gingerbread scents. A wonderfully “sweet” way to add to your everyday life! 

These dolls are approx 5" tall.


MONEY - To help open you to recieving money

HEALTH - To help bring to you health

PEACE - To help bring to you peace

In no way are these dolls built or meant to be used for harm, an old myth that many people believe. Voodoo dolls are meant to be used with good purpose, and true intention. In no way do these dolls bring to you your desires, they are simply an intention tool.

YOUR DOLL MAY NOT BE EXACTLY AS SHOWN.  These dolls are handmade, and therefore have different variants each time they are made. You may receive either of the scents, depending on availability. 

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