Terramundi Money Pot



These are the LAST of the beloved Terramundi Money Pots! It is with great sadness that the company who creates the magical Money Pots has closed down! What you see here is the last available! 

I am deeply saddened with this news! A cherished treasure in both my life and business, the Terramundi Money Pots have brought traditions, magic, and grand amount of smashing fun! Thank you for helping me create this cherished treasure into such a wonderful prize.  With this being said…I am on the hunt for a new treasure to help fill the hole that these amazing pots have created for us all. 


One of the most treasured items here at The Whispering Tree Inc is the Terramundi Money Pot! A magical pot that is fun, exciting, and (in my opinion) PURE MAGIC!! What is a Terramundi Money Pot you ask?!

These lovely Terramundi Money Pots are hand made in Italy, they are then shipped to London where they are Hand Painted!  They are beautifully created in a variety of colors and designs, each pot having slight variations, making them unique.  They have a simple design to add to any decor...but there is much more to them than this!!

Each Terramundi Money Pot has an Abundance Coin already placed in the pot.  Each of these Abundance Coins have an inscription written onto the coin.  For instance, one of my coins had the inscription "Let Creativity Flow Today".  Along with the Abundance Coin inside, each pot also has a Wish Tag attached.  This tag has a place to mark the date, and the desire you have for your Terramundi Money Pot. The magic continues from here...

After filling out your Wish tag and placing it inside, fill your Terramundi Money Pot with money!  You could fill it with loose change from your pocket or purse, or place bills inside the Money Pot.  What you choose to fill your Money Pot with is up to you!! Once your Money Pot is filled, and you can not stuff anymore inside, here is one of the best parts...


Smashing a Terramundi Money Pot is a magical moment of delight and surprise!! How much have you saved inside?!  After gathering all your coins/bills, you spend your money on something good, including a NEW Terramundi Money Pot.  Starting the process all over again!


If you decide to gift the Money Pot to someone else, leave the tag on the Pot for them to fill out, add your own wish on a separate piece of paper and place inside with a coin or two! When they smash their pot, they will then discover the wish you placed inside for them!

Filling your Terramundi Money Pot can be fun, but how much will you save?! It depends on what you fill it with.  Filling these pots with silver (quarters, dimes, and nickels) you will save about $400.  Fill your Money Pot with Loonies and Toonies, and on average you will save $700-800.  Filling your Terramundi Money Pot with Bills...well..you can stuff a lot into this pot! I have heard of one amazing soul who saved $2800.00 in their Terramundi Money Pot!!

The largest…to date (January 2022) that I have now heard of being saved is over $8000.00!! How much have you saved in yours? 


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