2019 Lunar Calendar

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The Moon...such a wonderful sight in our dark skies at night. A constant reminder of the cycles of life. Just as the Moon flows from a Full brilliant shining sphere, to the darkest of evenings in its wonderful shadow splendor...we too move in ours lives, with ebb and flow.

There are a variety of customs and ceremonies that are practiced with the various Moon cycles, from Full Moon rituals, to New Moon releasing...this calendar will help you plan out all of your Moon customs! Even if you do not partake in any Moon ceremonies or practices, this calendar will certainly delight you in its simplicitic beauty. 

The Moon Phases represented in this calendar are the New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Third Quarter, each corresponding to the moon as you would see it in the night sky. A wonderfully dark moon to represent the New Moon in its shadow self, to the bright shining moon of the Full Moon evening. 

From planning your ceremonies to simply planning a special evening under the stars, enhance your decor and awareness of the Moon’s ever changing cycle with this wonderfully crafted Lunar Calendar. 

▪️Calendar is 11” x 17”


Exclusively made for The Whispering Tree Inc

Created by Media Wizard Studios Inc.