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There are moments in life when we would love to say...PFoff to someone! What can I say?! Its human nature to have moments of anger or frustration. Sometimes these moments happen because we feel a boundary has been crossed (although this can only be some of the time, not always!) And this is the reason the PFoff Chains have been created.

Lets start with explaining this...

This is NOT for the purpose to be hurtful or harmful to anyone!! Including yourself!! This tool was NOT created for the use or intent to be rude.

This IS a helpful tool to hold boundaries for yourself and your space.  The PFoff Chain been created with the intent to be used with compassion, consideration, kindness, and love. Not only for others, for you too.  Holding boundaries is a healthy practice of self awareness to our values, your spaces, what we are willing to tolerate, and what we are not.  Boundaries often teach others how we want to be treated, and it also brings awareness to how we could be treating ourselves too.

Made with Bronzite beads, Bronzite works as a guardian stone that helps to dispel bad juju, negative vibes, and transmuting these energies to a neutral space. I know the Bronzite stone as the PFoff stone, that helps to send energies back to their original source with love and kindness. A gentle grounding stone that can further assist you in connecting to self to become more aware of your values ad boundaries.

Evil Eye charm has a long history of being a talisman to ward off bad luck, and bad spirits. Evil Eye's are said to carry away the negative energies and bring to you, the wearer, good juju, good luck!

Hang on your keychain, from a bag, or loop onto your favorite lanyard! Many ways to use the PFoff Chain.  Placing this in a space that you can be reminded daily of your limits and boundaries can be helpful.


Handmade by The Whispering Tree Inc

Made with Bronzite crystal and Evil Eye charm

6" in length (not including key ring)

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