Self Love Bundle

Self Love Bundle

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Take a moment to relax, rejuvenate, and revive!! 

Take a moment to draw a bath, pour a cup of tea, sink into the salty water, lit a candle and breath. Sounds heavenly!! 

Each package includes Wild Rose petals that have been locally harvested, a wonderful addition to your bath water, surrounding yourself with love. Heart Hawthorn tea, a tea for well being and wholeness gives you that moment to enjoy you and your wholeness just as you are!! Use the Himalayan Salt Heart to exfoliate your skin, or simply place in the tub to bring the natural healing properties into the water. It can be used several times!! After lighting your Heart shaped Beeswax candle, enjoy the delicate fragrance of the earthy sweet smell. Place the stones and shells into the water to further enhance the vibration! All the elements you need to spend a moment with YOU! Loving YOU!! 

The perfect parcel of love that you can easily indulge on for yourself and gift to someone special

There are TWO bundle options. You can choose WITH a Tea Cup or WITHOUT! 


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