Welcome Braeheid Customers!

Welcome to The Whispering Tree!! My name is Tracy and I am the owner of this store filled with delights for the senses, from crystals to books and imported decor. 

Congrats on your new purchase of plants from Braeheid! No matter if your purchase is a new plant to freshen up your indoor space, or to beautify your outdoor living, Braeheid offers such wonderful beauty! And for the plant fanatics out there...they also help to keep our passions growing. Literally!! As a special introduction and welcoming into my store, I want to offer you 10% off your first or next time  purchase of $50 or more!!! This is for in-store purchases only. (Sorry, can not be applied to workshops or sessions.  This code can only be used once.)

Give me the coupon code GROWNEW10 to
receive this awesomeness!! 

Now how can The Whispering Tree also assist you in creating, maintaining, and freshening up your indoor and outdoor space?! 

Plants are just one small drop of wonder that Mother Earth has to share with us. Plants in their natural settings grow among stones, water, natural beauty! Add some crystals to your new found beauties, not only will this assist them in growing strong and beautiful, it also helps to enhance their grace even more! How about a Water Bell Fountain to bring in a additional zen feel to your space?! 


The Whispering Tree offers a wide variety of multicultural giftware, unique decor items, tools that also assist you with Mind, Body and Spirit awareness and balance such as crystals, stones, crystal jewelry, oracle and Tarot cards, incense, books, singing bowls, drums, Dreamcatchers and much more! Many of the items found here at The Whispering Tree have been hand crafted by myself, local artisans, as well as imported beauties. All of which offer you the opportunity to create and widen what your plants are offering to you now! 


There are a wide variety of workshops and events that happen at The Whispering Tree. Creative adventures like Mala making workshops, learning to create Mandalas, evenings dedicated to grounding, smudging and  guided meditation. Workshops where you can build your own Dreamcatchers or drums! All of these workshops are taught by local artisans and souls who are ready to share with you their experience and wisdom! We also have funtastic days of Drop In Henna, the perfect summer favorite for many! 


There are a variety of one on one sessions that also are offered here! Sessions with Intuitive souls who can offer insight and understanding. Craniosacral sessions to help with adjustment and movement. Dreamwork Sessions assisting in learning about your dreams, just to name a few! 


There is a wide variety of events and happenings here at The Whispering Tree, along with wonderful products to help you enhance your space, expand your knowledge, deepen a connection with yourself, and yes! Even plants!! 

I would love to introduce you to my store and welcome you into my beautiful and calming space...and help you to enhance yours even deeper! 

See you soon!! 

Tracy K

PS...don’t forget about the special offer!
10% off your first or next time purchase
(of $50 or more) 
Give me this coupon code.... GROWNEW10
For in-store purchases only, this does exclude workshops and sessions. One time use.
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