Air Plant Hanger with Crystal

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What could be better than plants and crystals being together?! 😍

An Air Plant helps to bring the energy of light and delicate flow, the freedom of soaring through the air! These little wonders need no soil! They are fed with a weekly bath in water, or spray. 

Now...add to the already magical properties of the Air Plant a Crystal, that amplifies the energy of the plant! Depending on the Crystal, on what other wonderful wisdom you are introducing into your space. 

Air Plant prefer indirect bright sunlight. A wonderful addition to your space or office. Come in today to see what we have in stock! 


▪️This item can not be shipped, for instore pick up only. 

▪️Can create these custom to you! Pick your stone and your plant (pricing may vary depending on stone chosen) 

Create by The Whispering Tree Inc. 

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