Angel Wing Pendant

Angel Wing Pendant

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Charming Angel Wing pendant in a variety of gemstones acts as a talisman for hope and faith. Angels are well known as guardians, healers, projectors of love and light, as well as messengers. 

Wear this Pendant as a reminder of your inner guidance, your faith and hope, allow it to inspire you to move forward in moments when you need a little extra courage, or as a reminder you are always watched over  


ROSE QUARTZ - a gentle and soothing, fostering forgiveness and unconditional love and compassion. 

AMETHYST - The used for purification and protection, a peaceful calming energy

OPALITE - to inspire creativity, promote calm and serenity, and connecting to your inner wisdom.

TIGER EYE - balance between extremes, stone of vitality, for perseverance and strength

GREEN AVENTURINE - stone of optimism, heart healing, growth and confidence

GOLDSTONE - helps for prosperity, amibition and drive, connecting you to courage and growth

BLACK OBSIDIAN - helps with cleansing negativity, grounding, releasing and cutting cords

Angel Wing Pendant comes with an adjustable waxed cotton cord 

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