Hematite Ring

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Most known for its grounding energy, Hematite can assist you in grounding your energy, connecting to the root of you. On those days when you feel flighty, or your mind has a difficult time on focusing, this stone can assist you in grounding your energy, helping you to get focused.  Hematite has also been used as a protection stone, protecting your energy from negativity.  It is said that when your ring breaks, it has absorbed all of the negativity it can. A wonderful everyday ring to assist you finding harmony in your day to day steps. And of course...dress up your everyday wears! 

Ring Care
These rings are fragile, and will break when dropped or hit.  I do not recommend exposing these rings to water, as it can cause them to become more fragile.  Although it is commonly said that they break when negativity has been absorbed, please be aware that this ring will not do the work for you.  Taking care of your mind, body, and emotions is truly only in your hands. Use this ring as a reminder to let go of those emotions and thoughts that no longer serve you! The truest power for your growth is in your own hands and heart. 



Domed and 5mm wide

These rings have been sized and may vary slightly within the same size category. For instance, a size 7 ring could be either a smaller or larger size 7. 

Sold individually

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