Aura Reading with Amy

Aura Reading with Amy

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Join Amy in a private session to experience an Aura Reading. This lovely soul has had the ability to see Aura’s as far back as she can remember. With curiosity to understand what she was seeing, she further developed her ability to not only understand what she sees, but to also help shift and support this energy around each of us, when it is out of balance. Seeing Aura’s has offered Amy the insight of how we are all connected, how everything is connected. 

During this private session, Amy can offer you information based on what she sees and feels in your Aura. A session that could be filled with insight, a loving perspective, discovery, and acknowledgement. Open up to the awareness of the energy around you, and how it can offer you deeper understanding of yourself, exploring your personal energy.

Amy is a lovely soul who is kind, compassionate, creative, calming, attentive, and holds much wisdom. She loves to help and assist you in deepening your relationship with yourself, to offer assistance and support during these Aura Reading sessions. 

Connect with yourself and your energy with loving insight from Amy! 

Sessions are being offered on two dates...

FRIDAY, November 20
FRIDAY, November 27

I have no doubt you know the drill by now! Haha  To be safe and cautious, face masks are requested, and social distancing will be adhered to within these private sessions.  

When booking your time, please choose which day works the best for you, along with the time available! If further assistance is required, please Private Message