Butterfly Wing Earrings

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A uniquely beautiful earrings created from REAL Butterfly wings! Ethically gathered after the butterflies die a natural death. 

Did you know that many butterflies live for only 2-3 weeks?! These amazing butterflies lived their days at a Butterfly Sanctuary, where they then passed on by natural process. After their death, the bodies decay and the wings are left behind, and used to create these stunning and magical earrings! 

Some of the wings have paint applied to the back, bringing out color, some are left as is for a more natural look. They are then delicately encased in resin and designed into the earrings you see. 

Each pair are unique, and due to the natural process of being a butterfly, may have small specks and spots in the wings...telling a tale of a butterfly life! 

A wide variety to choose from, with colors of blue, green, pink, and even some with added glitter!! 

When ordering online, please message The Whispering Tree for selection, or allow me to intuitively pick the perfect pair for you!  

Total length of earrings are 2” 

Stainless Steal hook earring 

Lightweight, with the largest earring set weighting 5 grams 

Real Butterfly Wings, ethically gathered 

Encased in resin 

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