Chakra Chime

Chakra Chime

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An addition to any space, the Chakra Chime offers you a grounding bronze finish with alluring appeal of the Chakra stone accents.  A chime that can not only offer you a wonderful tune to your space, also the awareness to balance your Chakra system.

The Chakra Chime is visually appealing and also offers you the delicate sounds that can further assist you along your journey of daily balance, sounds that enhance the system within each of us. 

 Overall Length is 17 inches

Ash wood with 6 bronze polished aluminum solid rods, Chakra stone accents, and aluminum wind catcher.
This chime is designed to hang from a string loop, rather than an o-ring   

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 Listen to the precious sound of the
Chakra Chime!

To help further enhance your Zen Space, add the wonderful scents of Incense and Crystals and Stones

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