Traditional Spider

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In folklore, Spiders are described as oracles of fate, storytellers, and dream weavers. Spiders symbolize creativity, progress, destiny, and are seen as a sign of good luck and abundance.  

Adorn your plants, rear view mirror, windows and Christmas Trees with a handcrafted Spider! Created by Meadow Treasures, each Spider is given attention to detail, handcrafted with passion that leads to a treasure and tradition to be cherished! 


Meadow Treasures creates a unique spider every year, each with a different color and feel! Create a new tradition of collecting these one of a kind beauties for years to come! There are two Themed Spiders to choose from!

Ice Crystal Spider is a stunning spider for every decor, space, collection both new or old.  Clear and sparkling, Ice Crystal is simple and elegant.

Black Onyx, the black beauty, is spectacular in its elegance and appeal.  Another treasure to add to any collection and space. 

These two amazing spiders work well together.  Buy the two together for a wonderful balance of Yin and Yang!

Spider is 2" x 3" and has a 9" clear thread attached for hanging
German Christmas legend is included with each Spider

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