Copper & Crystal Bracelet

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A striking combination of copper beads with crystal accents makes up these beautiful bracelets.  Created with stretch cording, the Copper & Crystal Bracelet are comfortable to wear. 

Copper has a wide variety of uses, from electrical wire to the pennies in our pockets. Spiritually, copper helps to ground energy, amplify your thoughts, making it a wonderful assistant to anyone who writes and enjoys expressing their ideas and thoughts.  Copper can help you release excess charges of anger and resentment, assisting you in accepting your true emotions and expressing them.  

When combined with crystals, copper assists by amplifying their properties.  Each of these Copper & Crystal Bracelets have accent crystal beads to further enhance their beauty and their benefits to you.

Choose the best one for you!

Amethyst - A peaceful and calming stone, connection to higher self.

Clear Quartz - A Master Healing Stone.

Lapis Lazuli - Third eye stone, for intuition and imagination.

Green Aventurine - Heart healing stone, encourages compassion.

Tiger Eye - A protective crystal, a bring of good luck to the wearer.

Black Tourmaline - A protection stone, grounding.


Made of 8mm round copper and crystal beads.
Fits average size...7" bracelet.

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