Crystal Sphere

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Spheres are a wonderful addition to your space, as the help to emanate energetic support to your system for all angles. 

A sphere can represent the ever flow of life, with no beginning and no end, it shows the cycle in which we live! Just like the changing of the season, a sphere can assist you with reminding you to see the cycles of your own life, and to help you focus on the balance within this flow. 

Black Tourmaline - a protection stone that also assist you in connecting to earth. This stone is also helpful for protection from EMF. 

Measures about 2 1/4”

Rose Quartz - a stone of unconditional love, this stone helps to remind us of our own unconditional love for ourselves, and helps us to express this love to others. A stone that offers tranquility. 

SMALL - 1 3/4” across 

LARGE - 2 1/4” across