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Feng Shui Balls create Rainbows! Placing one of these sparkle creators helps to bring movement into your space, creating flashes of light and rainbows to redirect your energy and your focus. 

in Feng Shui belief, energy flows through your space or office with regular, steady flow.  In some spaces, there are areas where the flow slows down rushes through too quickly, or stands still all together.  This is where the Feng Shui balls shall be placed, to create that steady flow once again. 

Where to Place?

  • Bathrooms - Where energy is often washed down the drain
  • In areas where a front door and back door are in alignment with each other, creating a straight flow in and out of a home.
  • In corners of a space that energy would
  • flow directly past this area
  • In large windows where you would like to bring in extra beauty into your home

This is a small and short list of where you can hang one of these Feng Shui Balls, and of course, you can also hang them wherever you desire! Create beauty and create rainbows!!

Two Options to choose from...
Chakra Drop
This simple and elegant Feng Shui Ball has been dressed up with the Chakra colors, adding balance to your space
Chakra Spiral
This Feng Shui Ball has a secret! There is a Sacred Message written into the spiral of this hanger, words of affirmation of each Chakra has been written into this piece using beads and Morse Code! The Chakra Sprial has the following message written into it..
Root (Red) - I AM
Sacral (Orange) - I FEEL
Solar Plexus (Yellow) - I DO
Heart (Green) - I LOVE
Throat (Sky Blue) - I SPEAK
Third Eye (Deep Blue) - I SEE
Crown (Purple) - I UNDERSTAND