Green Fluorite Tower

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This stone is known to be an auric vacuum cleaner, assisting in cleansing the aura. Fluorite can help you to de-cutter your energy, emotionally, and can inspire physical de-cluttering as well. Fluorite is a good stone for transition and changes, as it can assist you in releasing. 

This stone can assist in giving order to chaos, and assists you in tapping into your creative self. Helps you to find creative solutions. It also is an excellent stone for helping find clarity in chaotic thoughts. Helping you find order, and focusing on the tasks at hand. 

Green Fluorite has a harmonizing energy that helps you to restore order, and find peace in yourself and your environment.  Green Fluorite is also connected to the Heart Chakra, offering balance and heart healing.


Crystals and Stones can come from a wide variety of regions from all across our Planet. Often, one type of Crystal can come from several different regions, such as Amethyst, it is found in Brazil, South America, Africa, and even in Canada.  Clear Quartz is found in almost every region all around the world.  Where other stones, such as Moldavite in found in only one place on our planet, Czech Republic. 

I have a few trusted suppliers for my Crystals and Stones, and always do my best to find the treasures that will delight your soul! Creating a space of zen in your home can be enhanced with lovely beauties like Crystals and Stones, they can assist you with finding support, peace, calm, and inspiration.   



Stands 3.5 inches tall

Stones sold individually

🌿Due to the natural nature of stones, shapes, sizes, and colors can range.  The stone you receive may not be exactly as shown in picture.  Sizing is approx. 

 There is a wide variety and options for Crystal!

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