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A moment of inspiration can fuel and ignite a persons creative ideas, stimulate action, and help drive you towards your desires.  A moment of inspiration can be an affirming moment, letting you know that you got this! A moment of inspiration can simply bring a space of peace, calm, and tranquility. 

Often these moments of inspiration can help us in our tough moments, when we may loose the mindset of our inspiration, our drive, our creativity.  This bundle is a wonderful tool to help you in those moments to remember and be reminded of your ability to once again move towards and/or live daily your truest dreams.

The Inspiration Bundle has been designed to offer you a moment of inspiration! By intuitively picking an Oracle Card and Crystals, this bundle can give you a moment of inspiration.  The intention in this bundle is for you to receive your inspiration, as well as treasures to keep and remind you of this inspiration. 

A wonderful process happens in the creation of the Inspiration Bundle, first, an Oracle Card is intuitively chosen for you from the deck you select! There are four wonderful Oracle Decks to pick from, each with a different theme. The next step, three crystals are instinctively selected to support your Oracle card. Your crystals are either placed in a velvet bag, or have your crystals custom wrapped to hang wherever you desire.  Lastly, a personalized message is written for you explaining the crystals chosen and how they relate to your Oracle card. This message is meant to further deepening your Inspiration Bundle!


One Oracle card intuitively chosen from the Deck you choose.
Three tumbled or raw crystals to support the message of the Oracle card.
Choose loose stones in a velvet bag
Choose crystals to be custom wrapped
Personalized message explaining the crystals chosen for you and how they relate to your Oracle card.
PLEASE NOTE - The photos of this bundle are examples only of what you will receive.  Each bundle is intuitively chosen for you, and therefore the will vary from what is shown! The Guidebooks for the Oracle Cards is not included in this package, and are only shown for reference. 

Please allow 2-3 days process time to create this bundle before it is ready for pick up, or shipment. You will be contacted upon its completion! 
💚I look forward to creating a Moment of Inspiration for you!💚

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