Large Desert Sage Bundle

Large Desert Sage Bundle

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Desert Sage is a small leaf bush plant that is often found in regions with desert climate, such as the desert hills of British Columbia. 

Desert Sage is used in smudging practices to cleanse and purify a space, sacred items and tools, as well as yourself. Light the bundle to produce an ember and create smoke, the smoke is then pushed around with use of a feather or fan to cleanse. Smudging is often used before ceremonies, cleanse your space or home, stones and crystals, as well as yourself. 

Desert sage has more of a earthly, peppery smell to its White sage cousin. These sage bundles are said to bring in pleasant thoughts and helps to relieve headaches and anxiety. Also a wonderful addition to your meditation practices. 

For one bundle only. 

Bundles are approx 9” in length.

*The bundle you receive may not be exactly as shown in the picture. 

*Always use caution when smudging, do not leave unattended 

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