Moon Diffuser

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These handcrafted Essential Oil Diffusers are made with a wonderful Lava Stone, representing the Moon. Standing under a bright beautiful light full moon, can you feel yourself absorbing the beauty? Or how about the darkness of a New Moon, gazing at the stars as they shine brightly and dance in their sparkly wonder?! The Moon is a powerful reminder of the phases we all journey in life, from being in full darkness to shining in the brightest beauty of light. Carry with you the healthy balance of a grounding stone, while also embracing the magic of the Moon!  

Place a drop of your favorite fragrance oil onto the stone, and enjoy the pleasant and helping aroma of your Essential Oils! Each is adorned with a variety of beads to enhance the beauty of the Moon Diffuser. 

Pair one of these amazing necklaces with your favorite Green Goddess Essential Oil! 

▪️Each Moon Diffuser is placed on a leather cord

▪️Necklaces are adjustable, can be worn in a variety of lengths. 

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