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These are the LAST of the beloved Terramundi Money Pots! It is with great sadness that the company who creates the magical Money Pots has closed down! What you see here is the last available! 

I am deeply saddened with this news! A cherished treasure in both my life and business, the Terramundi Money Pots have brought traditions, magic, and grand amount of smashing fun! Thank you for helping me create this cherished treasure into such a wonderful prize.  With this being said…I am on the hunt for a new treasure to help fill the hole that these amazing pots have created for us all. 


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What is a Terramundi Money Pot?! Short answer...MAGIC!!

Long answer...

Terramundi Money Pots have been traditionally used in Italy for over 2000 years, and are still handcrafted in Italy today. Once these pots have been handmade, the Terramundi Money Pots are shipped to London England where they are hand painted. Because of this handcrafted process, each Terramundi Money Pot has slight variations that make them unique and give them a heart felt touch of creation. 

Inside each Terramundi Money Pot is an Abundance coin with an inscription on the coin. Also, each Terramundi Money Pot has a tag attached with space to fill out the date and your wish, desire, or dream. Once complete, place your tag inside the pot along with a coin to begin the process. Now...fill your Terramundi Money Pot with money! FILL IT with coins, bills, or a combination of both! Once the Money Pot is full and you can no longer stuff anymore inside...are you ready?! Because this is the best part....


Yup! SMASH IT!!! This is the only way to open the pot up to release your money, wish tag, and Abundance coin from your Terramundi Money Pot!  Tradition says to spend your money on something good, including a new pot, and start the process all over again! It is fun to have several Terramundi Money Pots at one time, filling each with different intentions and desires!

Terramundi Money Pots are unique, fun, and make money saving a fun and fascinating experience.  Money Pots are wonderful gifts for all occasions and especially for those hard to but for people in your life. Begin a new tradition for yourself and with your family and friends! These pots are so fun...and bring the kid out in all of us when you fill and smash a Money Pot. Bring the child like feel of money saving into your space with a Terramundi Money Pot.


Bring the spirit and pride of our country into this amazing Money Pot, OH CANADA! Use this pot for travel plans or as a gift to friends over seas, just like all of the Money Pots, there are so many options!  The hand painted process of the Terramundi Money Pots means every pot has its own uniqueness!!
Pots are approx 17-19 cm high, they will hold roughly $500, depending on what type of coins you fill your pot with.
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