Orgoneic Creations - Heart Generator

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Best Used For...

🙏 Meditation
😍 Nurturing
💚 Healing
🛡️ Protection
😇 Uplifting
💝 Love


Orgoneic Heart Generator has been created with crystals for the Chakras, a lovey rainbow of color and balance.  This device can assist with balancing, nurturing, and offering a space for healing.  Not only will the Heart Generator assist to soothing you, it can also help you with finding your day to day balance in a hectic world.  

What are Orgoneic Devices?

Orgoneic devices are created by layering organic and non organic materials, encased in resin. Organic materials include crystals, herbs, and other flora elements.  Non organic materials include steel, copper, and a variety of decorative elements.  When the resin dries, it pressurizes the materials encased in the resin to help amplify the crystals natural properties.  Furthermore, the layering process in these devices help to create and amplify life force energy, also known as Chi.   These devices can help filter frequencies to assist in life regeneration.  

  • Some benefits to these devices are EMF protection, helping to neutralize the damage caused from EMF
  • Assists with restful sleep
  • Improved mobility
  • Helps to harmonize negative man made energies, such as wifi, cellphones and the like
  • Helpful to plants, animals, and humans alike

These Orgoneic Devices have been created by Candice of ORGONEIC REFUGE.  She has studied and researched these devices for a few years, and has now moved into creating them herself.  Candice used non toxic, zero VOC resin in her creations, as well as a variety of crystals, dried flowers, feathers, and other decorative features.  Every Orgoneic device has a layer that includes steel, copper, shungite, and iron oxides.  Her passion for these devices clearly shines through with each one she makes.

Please Note -  Orgoneic creations have different attributes because each is designed with various crystals and stones as their main feature, changing the traits of each device. 



▪️ Height - 1 1/4 inches
▪️Width - 2 3/4 inches



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