Orgonite Trees

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Orgonite is the combination of organic and non organic materials encased in resin.  Often the organic materials is Orgonite are semi precious stones, and various metals are used for the non organic materials.  When these items are encased in resin, the resin (as it dries) creates pressure on these materials.  This forces the energy to be emanated out! Now...there is much more scientific ways of explaining all of this...this is the simplest and easiest way for me to explain.

Orgonite is used to help protect you from Electro Magnetic Fields, given off by computers, lighting, mobile devices and televisions.  In a day and age where these are common place in any home having items, such as Orgonite, can assist you in protecting yourself from these harmful energetic fields.  

Orgonite is also fun to play with in a variety of experiments, showing you the effectiveness of these beautiful pieces! They are also simply stunning to look at!

The base of these Trees are Orgonite, with the added beauty of the Tree
Each Tree is decorated with a variety of Chip Stones
Trees are bendable, allowing you to shape it as you desire
May not receive exact tree as shown

Approx 7" tall, when full elongated

Made in India

Great for decorating your desk and helping protect you will you work

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