Owl Dreamcatcher

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Created by Catch Your Dreams

Dreamcatcher’s have been used to protect the dreamer and sleeping children for many ages. It is said that bad dreams are caught in the web of the catcher, unable to reach the dreamer, while the good dreams easily move through the webbing, down the feathers and beads to the dreamer below, allowing for peaceful sleep.

Dreamcatcher’s were once made of bent Red Willow branches with sinew and leather. Dreamcatcher’s today still hold this tradition and are delightfully enhanced with various materials and colors to not only help you with a restful sleep, are also decorative and beautiful enhance your space.

HOOT HOOT! These fun and splendid Owl Dreamcatcher's bring to your dreams and space the energy of the owl.  Owl's are often known for their insight and wisdom, seeing in all directions, and having clear vision at night.  A wonderful animal to watch over you as you or your little ones sleep.  These have been created with a variety of hoops, wrapped in leather and adorned with feathers to enhance the owl.


All of these Dreamcatcher's have been hand crafted by Dallal of
Catch Your Dreams
Pictures of Dreamcatcher's are for example only, may not have the exact same in store.
Please feel free to message The Whispering Tree and ask for what we have available today! There is always a wonderful selection of Dreamcatcher's to choose from!

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