Prosperity Frog

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The talisman for Abundance, Prosperity, Money! Please meet Jin Chan, the Money frog, also known as the Golden Frog, Prosperity frog, the three legged toad. 

There are so many legends related to Jin Chan, and the one I love the most is this...

A conman man went to a well to retrieve water, this well was also a Wishing Well! When he brought up his bucket, he found a handicapped frog. He thought about killing the frog, for it only had three legs! He was filled with compassion and let it live. Jim Chan in return would dive to the bottom of the well and being up golden coins to the common man, in gratitude for saving his life!! The common man became rich because of the three legged frogs continued gratitude for him saving her life. 

Such an awesome story of how helping, even in the smallest forms, can return to you in much grander ways and forms!  

Placement of Jin Chan is an important part of the process. Here are a few suggestions..

  • Place inside a foyer or career and prosperity corner of your home/business 
  • Do not place to low or too high 
  • traditionally, frogs do not like to be fully seen, so placing your Lin Chan partly hidden is idea. (I have a few, often tucked inside or with my plants) 

Do some research to find other helpful tips and pointers of placing your Three Legged Frog! 

-All Prosperity Frogs come with an Abundance coin, not always with a Red jewel in center. 

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