Protection Wrap

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A beautiful set of wrapped stones that promote a grounded, earthy, cleansed, protected and loving space. 

Each set has two wraps, hang one from each side of the door, creating an archway that assists people in grounding, releasing, and introducing them to the loving space they are entering. 

These are created with a Black Onyx crystal at the bottom, a stone that offers support in grounding and protection. 

The center stone is a Selenite crystal that helps to cleanse and clear. 

The top stone can be a Rose Quarts, the Unconditional love stone, or a Citrine, the manifesting stone, or an Amethyst, a stone that helps connect us to our higher self. 

Each wrap is created with the energy and care to help you create a space of peace and calm. Hang beside the main doorway of your office or home and welcome in the energy of a grounded peace and calm. 

  • Each set included two wraps that consist of Black Onyx, Selenite, and the top stone, which could be a Rose Quartz, Citrine, or Amethyst 
  • Hang one wrap on either side of the main entrance of your space or home. 

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