Sealing Wax Refill

Sealing Wax Refill

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There is something heart warming about receiving a hand written letter or note, this level of communication takes time, effort, and care! There is just as much magic in creating these notes or letters too.  Sometimes in a world of texting, zoom calls, and the quick connection of internet communication can loose the patient and gentleness of the hand written word. Writing down intentions, goals, desires takes a thought and puts it into a goal, a starting point for direction and actions to be taken. Adding to this simple ceremony of writing out our thoughts, sealing wax offers not only beauty, also a unique touch of care and intention.

Sealing wax has a long history, and the first use of sealing wax was actually done with clay! Wax became more popular with paper stationary, and is often used today to decorate invitations and the like. Decorate any of your written communications such as cards or letters, add a special touch to paper crafts, create ceremony with your intentions and prayers. Continue with all your Wax Sealing activities with the Sealing Wax Refill set. 

Here are a couple of options for Wax Sealing sets with stamps!  MAGIC SEALING WAX SET and the SPIRITUAL SEALING WAX SET are wonderful! 

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