Seven Chakra Pendants

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Each of these pendants displays the Chakras with an elegant touch and beauty. All of these can assist with bringing balance to your Chakras. 

These wonderful pendants have been created in India, and have an adjustable leather cord. 

TREE OF LIFE - The beauty of trees reminds us of the roots from which we came from, and the wings from which we fly. A balance of Above and Below, our grounding and our connection to The Universe. 

STAR OF DsAVID - The seven Chakras displayed with the sex sided star, also known as the Star of David. With a variety of meanings and uses, the most common is that of protection and connection to Spirit. 

GODDESS - Embody the grace, power, and warrior spirit of the Goddess. A creative, loving, kind caring being that can assist you more deeply embody your Goddess. 

HEART - The heart is forever known as a symbol of love, compassion and empathy. 

KUNDALINI -  Feel your energy rise, just as the Kundalini rises within you.

OM - The Universal symbol for peace.

SPIRAL - A symbol of infinite possibility, the spiral also represents the journey within.

MANDORLA - A symbol with many meanings, one of which being the symbol representing the link between our physical self with our etheric self.




Each are created with Sterling Silver 

Crafted in India

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