Smudging Kit

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Smudging is the practice of clearing and cleansing your space and home with the smoke of Sage, Palo Santo wood, or other varieties of herbs  the smoke from these burning herbs helps to cleanse and clear your space of unwanted energies.

Smudging has been done for many years and can be dated back to Inca traditions, Native American traditions, and even in Buddhism.  The art of smudging your space is also used in Smudging yourself, used during ceremonies and much more! 

This kit offers you all you need to begin your Smudging Practices with a variety of tools.  The BOHO Smudge feathers and Ceramic Smudge Bowls are hand crafted here at The Whispering Tree!

Start your practice in this ancient tradition today!! 


BOHO Smudge Feather 

Sm Ceramic Smudge Bowl

Palo Santo Wood Stick

Sm White Sage 

Bag of Sand 

Box of Matches 

BONUS - Article of The Smudging Ceremony 

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