Starman Tarot

Starman Tarot

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Tracking back to how this all started, the spark of imagination that would one day blaze into the Starman Tarot was ignited when the spectral figure of David Bowie walked into the Italian restaurant my dad managed in Old Compton Street, London.  i was just ten years old, hanging out, drawing with paper and pencil, little could I have imagined that twenty years later I would once again find myself sitting beside Bowie, pencil in hand, sketching artwork ideas for his next album, Outside.

The concept of Starman Tarot was born in those years I spent working with David Bowie on the albums, Outside and Earthling.  The deck weaves together experimental typography, street art, eroticised sci-fi imagery, influences of philosophy, shamanism, cosmology, futuristic cosmologies, chaos theory, Caravaggio, destroyed imagery of punk and sacred geometries.  Each card is a compelling micro-drama arriving fully formed and at the same time constantly shape shifting.  They want to stir your heart, enhance your mind and guide you with power, compassion and wisdom.  They want to reveal a whole new reality sitting behind the world we directly experience, the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary.

Set Includes 78 cards and Guidebook
By Davide De Angelis
Inspired by the artworks he created for David Bowie

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