Trio Necklace

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A simple design to accent any outfit, the Trio Necklace also offers you the energetic support of crystals.

Each of these necklaces have been hand made in store, with an intention to continue offered support to the wearer! 

Trio Necklaces are made in three different themes to choose from, with crystals to align with each intention. Choose between the following…


Made with Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Garnet, this necklace has been created to remind you to love yourself in all areas…Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Designed to support your Heart Chakra to be more compassionate and loving, building self esteem and confidence.  


Designed with Amethyst, Green Aventurine, and Pyrite, this Trio Necklace assists you in finding moments of opportunity, prosperity, and good luck.  When working towards specific goals, use this necklace as a daily reminder to say yes to the things and moments that bring you closer to your dreams and goals.


Protecting yourself and energy has a lot to do with your personal boundaries and awareness of your personal space and aura.  Made with Dragonstone Jasper, Onyx, and Tiger Eye, this Trio Necklace has been designed to assist you with standing true to yourself, being grounded in your authentic self, and holding boundaries with courage.  

Necklace made with Waxed cotton cord, an adjustable necklace to fit most sizes. 

 Would like a Trio Necklace designed for a different purpose? Message me on Facebook or Instagram to request your special Trio Necklace