Triple Pack Russian Sage - Live Plant Bundle

Triple Pack Russian Sage - Live Plant Bundle

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We are so very blessed with a wide array of plants from Mother Earth, supporting us in our mental, physical, and spiritual well being. Some act as a companion, nurturing our mental wellness and fulfilling our desires to care for something outside ourselves. Others are sources of medicines, and supporting our physical health. 

Russian Sage, our spiritual ally in the practice of smoke cleansing, is a remarkable botanical with a host of offerings. This plant boasts a shrubby upright form adorned with lacy grey-green foliage. Harvested before flowering, its leaves are used to create sage bundles, and used in your cleansing rituals. After flowering, Russian Sage graces your space with delicate light blue blooms from summer to fall. Russian Sage tolerates clay soil and drought, once established in a moist and well drained soil. When ignited, this sacred gift emanates an earthy, spicy fragrance, subtly touched with a hint of mint, making it an excellent choice for bringing balance and positivity to your space. Experience the magic by cultivating this sacred plant right in your own backyard!

This Russian Sage plant, housed in one gallon pots, are ready for planting and to grow in your own space! Zoned for our region, as a zone 3 plant, Russian Sage can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees. This woody perennial will graciously return each spring, bringing its cleansing benefits to you each year. 

Russian Sage - Live Plant
One Gallon Pot
Zone 3 woody perennial 
Grows up to 100-125 cm tall and spreads to 75 cm
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