Vision Board Workshop

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Vision Board Workshop

Create your future

Vision Board Workshop with Amanda

Sunday, June 12 @ noon

There is no better time to start on your future then today! Maybe you are feeling a bit lost on where to begin! Or maybe you are feeling a lack of focus and direction in your life! With the changes in our world over the last couple of years, this sense of feeling lost and out of sorts is true for many.  You are not alone!

Maybe you do have a sense of direction, and yet not sure what steps to take.  So the dream rolls around and around, with no action towards it.  Again, many have felt the same.  You are not alone!

Vision Boards can assist us with creating better intentions, bringing clarity to our dreams and desires, improves creativity, provides motivation, and can enhance productivity.  When you lay out your desires, in physical form, you now have a working visual tool to remind you of your goals, providing focus and boosting the chances of success.  

Vision Boards are an amazing tool to use in your daily life! It is made even better when guided by a lovely soul like Amanda.  The first time I met Amanda, I could feel a sense of pulling, a deep desire in my soul to take action in my own life. She explained to me how Vision Boards worked for her, and that pull turned into a sense of excitement! Excitement for a future to be built and realized.  Amanda offers insight, guidance, compassion, and understanding.  This amazing soul has used Vision Boards in her own life to build a life she is happy and proud to live.  This is what she has to offer you....

About The Event:

Creating goals and a vision for the future is a key habit that many ultra successful people do regularly. Join us for this fun event and let’s get focused on our future and get creative with a vision for it!

We will spend time removing old obstacles and fears, determining to shed light on your life's purpose, and moving toward a life of success, joy, openness, love and happiness. You'll get clarity around how to live your life with intention and what specific changes you could make today to make your dreams come true. You'll have the opportunity to create a visual representation of your goals which will become your own personal target: a Vision Board. You'll connect with your most authentic self, discover what makes you unique, and begin the journey to manifest your deepest desires. You’ll leave feeling excited, enthusiastic, and with a plan for success!

Your packing list:

- comfortable clothing you can move in

- your favourite pen and a notebook/journal

- healthy snacks to keep you nourished

- a water bottle so you can stay hydrated through the event

- magazines (that you are ok with cutting up), or photos/images you love for your vision board (think of a few different areas to focus on: career, self, family, travel, finances are common topics) I suggest you bring more than you need or want.

- The rest will be provided for you at the workshop.

The only other thing you need to do is plan for a distraction-free evening. Make sure all your home and work obligations are delegated or managed so you can do this work for you, uninterrupted. (With that said, we understand life can be busy and unexpected, and may require our attention - if you need to take a call or return a message, we kindly ask that you step out to attend to your matter and return once finished)

About The Event Coach:

Amanda Wozny is a Master Trainer with Transformation Weekend started by the renowned coach and best selling author Erin Skye Kelly. Amanda is a goal crusher who took charge of her own life, chased her dreams down, and lost 70 lbs (and counting…) in the process. She is a mother to 3 amazing boys, wife to a hard working entrepreneur husband, and a fitness enthusiast who wants nothing more than to inspire as many humans as possible to become their best selves through their life habits. She will help you form foundational habits that will transform your entire life, making you a better spouse, parent, friend, leader. Amanda has done the same work she teaches so you can know that she walks the talk, and she will help you create the confidence in yourself that you can accomplish those same changes you seek in life.

Amanda is also the creator and founder of Catalyst Coaching: A catalyst is an agent that provokes and speeds significant change or action. Often the biggest shifts toward living the life we’ve always wanted require a catalyst. My passion is in providing individuals with the clarity and guidance necessary to incite the powerful shifts and growth essential to creating a compelling life.

My coaching programs aim to unearth an individuals true potential by clearly identifying their goals, developing a distinct course of action, and providing consistent accountability and support throughout the difficult and gritty work it takes to achieve sustainable positive change. A comprehensive approach that addresses physical, mental and spiritual health provides an integrated and deeply authentic opportunity for preeminent transformation.

My services are multifaceted and include combinations of remote and online personal coaching in the areas of: fitness training, nutrition coaching and life/habit mentorship.

For more information or to work directly with Amanda, please visit

If you have questions in advance of the workshop, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Amanda through her website, or directly at

I look forward to seeing your beautiful faces at the event!


This workshop is for Sunday, June 12 @ noon

Investment for this workshop is $130.00

Limited spaces are available!!

If you have any questions or need assistance in registering. Please PM The Whispering Tree!


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