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What are you working towards in your life? A different job? Developing new friendships? Deepening your understanding of yourself and your journey? The first step to any change is to first have the awareness of change, be it a thought, a feeling, or a longing.  Next up is making a wish! The moment of deciding to do different.  A wish is simply a prayer, an intention, a thought, a hope, a desire! 

These Make A Wish Bracelets/Anklets can be used as an intention tool to assist you in reminding you what you are working towards! Dream it. Wish it. DO IT!  Make your wish and feel the bliss of your wish coming true! Then tie it on.  Each day that your attention is drawn to the bracelet/anklet, take a moment to focus your attention on your goal, desire, your wish.  Say a mantra or affirmation statement, envision your accomplishment, or create your own practice that works the best for you. 

Make A Wish Bracelet/Anklet may stay with you a week, a month, a year! There are many stories of how they fray, break, or simply fall off.  You can choose to throw it out, bury it in Earth, place in a special matter the choice, do what feels the best for you.

Each Bracelet has been handmade with cotton cord and Glass beads. The beads represent the Chakra system, helping to bring balance to you and your wish! the cotton cord represents the process of weaving your wish and desire into your life, your daily living.  

No matter if you use these Make A Wish Bracelets/Anklets for your intention setting, or to simply have a moment of pleasure and fun...enjoy the process of bringing your wishes and desires into your life’s journey! 


CHILD - Bracelets are 8 1/2” long. The decorate center is approx 4 1/2” in length. Allowing you the ability to tie onto most child size wrists. 

ADULT - Bracelets are 10” long. The decorative center is approx 6” in length. Allowing you the ability to tie onto most wrist sizes. 

ANKLET - Anklets are 

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