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Close your eyes and make a wish!

That is a magical moment...a moment of childlike wonder, excitement, and glee.  Making a wish brings us back into that space and energy, bringing forward within us these moments of wonder, enthusiasm, and imagination.  WiSH Lanterns are an amazing tool to help us get in touch with these moments in our lives.  Made for young and old alike, WiSH Lanterns have been created with the concept of Ceremonial Lanterns used in Asia.

Celebrate all of life's moments, from birthday parties, to weddings, graduations or even simply the changing of a season.  Write your wish on a WiSH Lantern to be sent to the heavens above.


  1. Write your WiSH on a Lantern paper.
  2. Gently crumple the paper.
  3. Smooth and roll into a tube to create a Lantern.
  4. Place upright on a protected surface.
  5. Using a match, light the top edge of the WiSH Lantern.
  6. The WiSH Lantern quickly burns down and then magically rises upwards releasing your wishes!

Create a ceremony around all of your Intention Setting practices, send a note to your loved ones passed on, or a prayer to the heavens above.

Each tube of WiSH Lanterns include:
20 Wish Lantern papers - measuring 3 1/2" tall
1 Pencil
All your wish desires!

PLEASE NOTE - These Lanterns will not lift into the air with the same height as the large Ceremonial Lanterns, due to their smaller size. They will lift better on a cooler evening.

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