Palo Santo Wood Smudge Stick

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Palo Santo is found in Southern America. A citrus tree that is along the same lines as Frankincense and Mryh.  The Spanish name for this tree translates into Holy Tree.  

This wood has been used for centuries by the Inka, indigenous people of the Andes, and Shamans in Sacrd Ceremonies and for smudging.  Has also been known to be used in Excorsim practices. The sweet smelling scent adds not only cleansing to your ceremonies and smudging practices, it also adds the energy of creativity and more.  

Palo Santo is said to have a calming effect on the mind, obliterating negative emotions such as anger, fear, and obliteration. It generally uplifts the vibrations of the room and the person burning it, which is perfect for meditation. It allows for a deeper connection to the Source of creation and is said to enhance creativity and good fortune to those who tap into its magic. It is also physically grounding and calming. 

Each one is unique in shape. Sold Individually They are approx 4” in length. 

🌿Always use caution when smudging, do not leave unattended