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This collection is dedicated to the attributes of Incense, Crystals, Stones, Buddhas, and so many other goodies that help you create your space of Zen! The properties and attributes assigned to various products in the store acts as a guideline for you to create what you desire to have a space of 😌 Peace/Calm, 👣 Grounding, or a space of 💝 Love.  No need to limit yourself to only one! 

Building yourself a home, a cherished space of connection, relaxation, downtime, safety, and a space of rejevenation is created with all of these attributes! In the following collection pages, you will find suggestions of to help assist you to honor and create your space to what you desire it to be...

Follow each of these links to find the BEST USES FOR YOU!

😌 Peace/Calm 
🙏 Meditation  
💧 Cleansing 
😴 Sleep 
😍 Nurturing 
💚 Healing  
✨ Enhancing                 
🛡️ Protection
⚖️ Balancing
👣 Grounding
😇 Uplifting/Vitalize
💝 Love
💰 Money/Good Luck

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