There is a wonderful ritual around lighting an incense, this small act can create a space of relaxation, uplift your senses, remind you of times past by, or add to your meditation and yoga practices!

Incense is rich in background, used across all cultures, and with a variety of different intents.  Catholic and Christian churches as a symbol of carrying prayers to Heaven. In India, incense has been burned for both the pleasant aromas it offers as well as for their health benefits.  In ritualistic beliefs such as Wicca, incense is used as part of an offering, and in ceremonial moments.  Incense is truly endless in its ability to enrich our lives!

Today, Incense is used to create a space of relaxing calm during our activities such as yoga, meditation, and journaling.  Simply lighting an incense stick or cone can add the perfect fragrance that whisks you away to the magic of Morning Mist or a Garden of Flowers! It can waft through your space and bring in the vigor of a Dragon, or the calm of a Soothing Spa.  No matter the scent you are drawn towards, incense can assist you in creating a space for you!


Incense brings in a variety of fragrances into your space, they also can be used to help cleanse your precious tools like Crystals, Drums, and Malas, as well as cleansing your space around you.  There are a variety of options for cleansing your space such as Sage, White Sage, and Palo Santo incense. 

Do you enjoy ceremonies and rituals? Light an incense such as Pagan Magic or Divine Blessings for that extra special feel. Incense in ceremonies and rituals can be as simple as enjoying a bath while burning OM to sooth your senses.  Yoga and meditation can be a deepened with gentle aromas of Nag Champa! Truly...your options are endless!

Burning incense can ground us, lift us up, cleanse and clean, help you to focus, enhance ceremonies, and so much more. Add incense to your rituals, ceremonies, practices, and your day to day living!