TWT Happenings!!


We host a variety of events at The Whispering Tree! There is so much fun to be had!! From Planner Nite, to Drum making, As Above and So Below Meditation nights and more... there is a little of something for everyone. 

Attending events are a wonderful opportunity for you to meet new people, explore new ideas, learn to create, or simply to have some time for YOU! A variety of events are hosted here at TWT to help support you in your adventures of life, be it Spiritual Practices, Creative Ventures, or to expand your knowledge and explore new experiences.  Here at TWT, it is our goal to help you explore all angles of yourself in a variety of forms.

In this collection, you will be able to purchase your tickets for fun and exciting events that are always happening and rotating.  Also go to our Facebook page and see a full list of what is being offered at TWT! Some events are a drop in event (Like the Drop In Henna days!), just for you to swing in and enjoy!!

Happy Exploring, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Do not see something you are looking for?  Send us a message through Facebook or Instagram!! We are always looking for your suggestions to help keep out events fresh and happening!! 

Find Us!!!!   #thewhisperingtreeinc