Crystals & Stones


Crystals and Stones date back many centuries as a useful tool in our lives.  They date back to all belief systems, religions, cultures, and continents. Crystals have been used as talismans, adorning Queens, Kings, and the like, for enriching ceremonies and rituals, and as decor pieces.  Truly, the use of crystals in our society is not a new venture.

The variety of crystals and stones are endless, offering us many choices of colors, formations, textures, and properties.  There is the beauty of Rose Quartz with its pink tones, and the sense of softness and love.  Black Tourmaline is excellent for protection, and the deep black, coal like texture of this stone helps to ground and relax you.  There are several types of Jasper, such as Dragon Stone Jasper that helps you get in touch with your passion and fiery spirit of a dragon. Blue Lace Agate can help you get in touch with your voice and offers the sense of flowing water, also bring flow into your life and space.  

Crystal and Stones can be used in all areas of your life! As a talisman, a stone can act as a reminder of your mindset goals and intentions.  As an energetic tool, placing a stone and crystal under or near your bed can offer the spirit of restful sleep.  Adorning yourself with a crystal not only extends your beauty, it is also a way to use your stones in your physical movements throughout the day.  In ritualistic and ceremonial spaces, crystals can help enhance your intents, desires, and dreams.  Crystals and stones can help us on many levels of our beings.

No matter how you feel a crystal can support you, their beauty and uniqueness has captured us for many years and will continue to for many more.  

Creating a zen space? Add the wonderful aroma of Incense!