♥ Third Eye Chakra



Motto -  I See
Mantra -  AUM or OM

 Chakras are the energy centers of our body. In Sanskrit, Chakra translates to "wheel', and this is the image you can imagine that represents how they flow.  There are seven main Chakras in the body and each have different aspects, representation, and meaning.  This is a quick review of the Third Eye Chakra.

Relating our mental ideas, psychological skills, evaluate beliefs and attitudes are represented with the Third Eye Chakra.  A Chakra of intuition and wisdom assisting us connect our intuitive and visionary sense with out physical space and living.  The Third Eye Chakra can assist you with understanding your mental and intuitive world, connecting to your dreams, and visualizations. 

The products listed in the category can assist you in balancing and having awareness of your Third Eye Chakra.  These tools can be beneficial for you to connection with your dreams, visualizations of goals, mental awareness, as well as your intuitive self.