♥ Throat Chakra


Motto -  I Speak
Mantra -  HAM
Color -  Blue

Chakras are the energy centers of our body. In Sanskrit, Chakra translates to "wheel', and this is the image you can imagine that represents how they flow.  There are seven main Chakras in the body and each have different aspects, representation, and meaning.  This is a quick review of the Throat Chakra.

 The Throat Chakra is located in an obvious spot...the throat! This Chakra represents our voice, not only for ourselves, but also what we share with the world.  Our communication is one aspect of how we relate to others, and our ability to speak with truth and clarity is represented in this Chakra.  Having clear communications and speaking our truths are supported with a balanced Throat Chakra. 

The products listed in the category can assist you in balancing and having awareness of your Throat Chakra.  These tools can be beneficial in your day to day decisions, as well as assisting you with speaking your truest voice.