Whispered Botanical Blessings


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Plants, I believe, embody the miracle of growth and the essence of true magic. Each plant possesses a distinctive power, offering healing in a variety of ways, from nurturing our spiritual health to providing physical well being. 

These are powerful botanicals are used in smoke cleansing, a practice to purify ourselves and our spaces. Imagine having these magic infused plants right in your own backyard! These magical plants are zoned to grow in our Northern climate, and to persevere our winter temperatures. Check out each listing for further details of grow care. 

Explore the profound healing and cleansing properties that these plants offer, weaving magic into the fabric of your life. They have much wisdom to whisper to you!

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Please note that these plants require time to grow to their full potential, and the initial harvest yields may be modest in the first year. If you desire a larger yield this season, consider purchasing more than one plant, After all...plants like to have friends!