Abalone Smudging Shell

Abalone Smudging Shell

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Traditionally, Abalone Shells are used as a representation of water, bringing in all four elements to your smudging practice, as follows... 

Abalone shell - Water

Sage or Sand - Earth

Lit Sage - Fire

Smoke - Air

Abalone Shells help to catch ashes and hot cinders from the lite bundle as you move about your space or ceremony in your smudging practice. Also helpful to hold a charcoal tablet when burning. 

It is recommended that sand be placed on the bottom of the shell to assist with the heat from the lit smudge. Be mindful that some Abalone Shells have natural occurring holes in the shell. 

 REGULAR - 4 to 5 inches in size

LARGE - 5 to 6 inches in size

▪️Shells gathered in Mexico
▪️Always use caution when smudging, do not leave unattended 

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