Feng Shui Prosperity Blessing

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According to tradition, tying together Feng Shui Pieces with a Red Ribbon symbolizes accruing wealth. 

Carrying with you talismans like this certainly will not cause you to win the lotto! (Although that sure would be nice, wouldn’t it??!!)  What is the purpose then?! They act as reminders of having an Abundant mindset! No different than saying a mantra or affirmation. These little blessings are a visual aid to assist you in accomplishing a mindset and purposeful thought patterns and actions of what you desire in life!! 

Let’s face it...we all desire prosperity!! It is a large part that our society.  We secretly love prosperity, and yet do not take the time to honor what prosperity can truly do for us! These little Abundance Blessings are a gentle reminder to be open to receiving wealth, in ALL areas of our lives!! 

▪️Each Blessing has been hand tied with a mindful awareness of blessings, prosperity, and abundance.

Included in package....

▪️3 Abundance pieces tied with Red Ribbon 

▪️Short write up of traditional uses and placements of your Prosperity Blessing 

Mini Abundance pieces are 10mm in size  2 1/2” from top to bottom of cord

Small -  Abundance pieces are 20mm in size    6” from top to bottom of ribbon

Large -  Abundance pieces are 40mm in size   6” from top to bottom of ribbon


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