Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

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This stone is form of volcanic glass, and is formed quickly, where it’s cousin Apache Years is formed slowly.  Black obsidian, because of it being formed quickly carries with it a swift energy, that for some could feel harsh. 

A protective stone that helps to clear away negative smog from the aura and is considered a strong spiritual protector.  This stone helps you to release disharmony from your day to day life, which could include resentment towards others and self, anger, frustration, and fear.

Black obsidian can assist you in phases of transformation, can assist with patience and strength during times of challenges   


Between 1” to 1 1/2” in size

Stones sold individually

🌿Due to the natural nature of stones, shapes, sizes, and colors can range.  The stone you receive may not be exactly as shown in picture.  Sizing is approx.

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