Buddha - Rosewood

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Buddha is a well known figure that often invokes happiness and joy! The legend of The Laughing Buddha is that when he lived, he would bring toys and treats to villages in large sacks. Children would run up to him, rubbing his belly or head, and the Buddha would laugh, offering the child a treat. His mission was to spread joy! 

Upon his passing, he arranged a surprise for all who would attend his funeral. When they lite his body on fire (the traditional celebration of life at that time) everyone was surprised and shocked with fireworks flying from Buddha’s burning body. He arranged to have fireworks tucked into his robes to bring everyone one last moment of joy, happiness and celebration! 

Buddha to this day still offers this amazing energy to be cheerful and joyful in our daily lives. And what better reminder of this than to adorn your space, desk, alter, or any space with a Laughing Buddha figurine.

Bring some joy into YOUR life with one of these adorable Buddha’s! 


-For one Buddha 

-Made of Rosewood 

-Approx 1” tall

-Plant is not included (although adorable!)

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