Chakra Bracelet

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Could you use some balance in your life? Wearing a Chakra Bracelet can assist your energetic body with the support of crystals, representing each Chakra. 

These Chakra Bracelets are handmade with Black Onyx stone to further assist you with grounding your energy, as well as offering a protective vibe. 

The Chakra System is the major energetic power points in your body, these energy systems can assist you in finding peace, relaxation, and balance in your physical body, emotional body, as well as your energetic body.  Wearing jewelry, such as these bracelets, can help those energy systems to work for you in the most efficient and productive ways.  This is simply one step to use on a daily basis to help keep yourself flowing and balanced!

MINI - Made with 4mm beads 
Bracelet will fit up to 7.5” wrist. 
- Stretch Bracelet-
Please contact me for custom sizing 

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