Chakra Candle Set

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Candles are so diverse, from lighting them on top of a Birthday cake, to using them for rituals and ceremonies, candles hold many purposes! 

Chakra Candle set has been put together for all your Chakra inspired ceremonies. Use these candles to help balance, add color to your ritual, or simply enjoy the beauty of the rainbow! Bring some light into your balance!! 

Colors represent the Chakras as follows...

PURPLE - Crown
DARK BLUE - Third Eye
GREEN - Heart
YELLOW - Solar Plexus
ORANGE - Sacral 
RED - Root

▪️Each package contains one of each color, 7 candles in total 
▪️Candles are 5” tall 1/2 in think 
▪️Burn time for each candle is approx 2 hours 
▪️Includes I AM statements for each Chakra and suggestions of use

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