Blue Dragon's Blood Incense

Blue Dragon's Blood Incense

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Best Used For... 

💧 Cleansing
😍 Nurturing
💚 Healing
🛡️ Protection
😇 Uplifting/Vitalize 


No Dragons have been harmed in the making of this incense! Blue Dragon's Blood Incense is made of Dragon's Blood Palm from swampy areas, and still offers you the fiery energy of a Dragon, although it is in a cooling effect. In spaces of anger, frustration, and high emotional moments, this incense helps to cool down these moments. 


HEM Corporation is an incense manufacturer and exporter which is headquartered in Mumbai, India.  Hem Incense produces a quality hand crafted Indian Incense that comes in a wide variety of fragrances that can compliment every culture and lifestyle. Hem strives to offer a collection of incense for all spaces and traditions to help you create a space of love, calm, and harmony.

▪️Each Incense Stick is approx 9" long
▪️Package includes 20 incense sticks
▪️Made of natural ingredients 


Incense is a wonderful addition to your space and home, but can be messy without a burner! Choose the best BURNER for your space! 

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